Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday Gratitudes

I know, I know. I missed last week. It was crazy here with me getting ready for the first week of my new Semester at school. My classes will prove interesting enough for a few blog posts. But I saved up one big gratitude from a two week study:

I had a lightbulb moment. I've wondered for a while why The Love Magnet appears to be the most popular girl at her school. Everyone says "hi" to her. She stops to hug them all (a few get a kiss on the cheek. I really should get her to stop that - she needs to learn personal boundaries. But it's just so darn cute!)

TLM even has a reputation at the middle school. Secondborn reports that the kids who previously attended our elementary school still talk about her enough to the point where their friends come up to him and ask if he is TLM's brother. It's been funny to listen to the stories from Secondborn and his friends.

This past week showed me why kids keep talking about her and why kids want to be around her. The Love Magnet was playing Wii tennis with my sons and their friends. I was on the computer (doing homework) when I heard noise that indicated one of the visiting boys beat TLM at tennis. Right when the shouts died down, my daughter piped up "You WIN! You AWESOME!" I peek over the 2nd floor balcony to watch my daughter congratulate the winner with a hug and a big grin.I have never seen this happen before. Kids that age are usually sore losers. They don't like to lose. But my daughter was thrilled for her opponent. Her reaction connected the dots for me:

  • The Love Magnet makes everyone around her feel loved and accepted. She doesn't worry about looks, or capabilities, or popularity. She will spread her kind of love around to everyone who will receive it.
  • This past week when one of her classmates fell out of her chair, TLM, ran over to see if she was okay and would only sit down after she saw for herself that her friend wasn't hurt.
  • She cheered for those picked to participate in music class last week (and she was picked twice by fellow classmates.)
  • She says Hi or Good Morning to every single child and school staff on her way to class. No one gets overlooked.
  • And this week I watched her be as excited for her opponents win as she would for her own win.

So this week I am grateful for my pint-sized teacher and her lesson of Unconditional Love and Acceptance. I hope I've learned it well. One down, sweetie, possibly a whole school. Now you've got the world left to go.


Soozcat said...

She is remarkably good at demonstrating (and therefore teaching) what unconditional love looks like. Good on her.

Melissa said...

That was so sweet and very touching. I wish we could all be as excited for others as we are for ourselves sometimes. What a great lesson! Thanks for sharing!

mum2brady said...

Wonderful L! I love it, and I have no doubt she'll take the world on, one person at a time and change it in immeasurable ways :)

Sandy said...

Congratulations on making the Dean's List. What a great example you have set for your children.

And The Love Magnet story needs to go straight to Reader's Digest or your local newspaper. That is just too beautiful not to share.

Nana Texas ;-)

Sandy said...

Congratulations on making the Dean's List and setting a great example for your children.

I love The Love Magnet Story. I think that you should share that so that more people know about... Reader's Digest? Local newspaper? Church Newsletter?

Nana Texas ;-)

Amber said...

I wish I could be around to know her better. But she has been like that since the day you brought her home from the hospital. At the rate she is going, she will change the world.