Friday, January 16, 2009

Even More 14 Days of Valentines Ideas

The following is from my fellow Cookie, Carol (Carol is the Cookie who knitted The Love Magnet a Red Riding Hood hat before TLM had her open-heart surgery). Carol copied a few of mine and had some great ideas of her own:

1 sweet baby boy - blowup of Levi
2 lunch for two at his favorite local dive
3 movie nights - we watch whatever he picks, no whining
4 love poems - various places around the house
5 heart-shaped red velvet cupcakes (his favorite dessert)
6 years together
7 x 70 that he's forgiven me (note; how much I appreciate his patience and good nature)
8 eternity - commitment to each other
9 ways he is the best dad ever
10 ways to say I love you (languages)
11 taper candles with printed menu
12 ways he is the best guy for me
13 love songs loaded on a special playlist on his iPod
14 Valentine's Day Dinner

For Valentine's Day dinner, I am ripping off an idea from a restaurant I went to in Toronto a long time ago. They were called Mezzetta - they had a mezza menu where you ordered small portions of a whole bunch of stuff. It was great fun. I don't have everything finalized for that yet, but there will be cheese fondue, asparagus BBB, artichoke/spinach dip with homemade bread, chicken rangoon, more stuff I haven't decided on, and for dessert, another favorite of his: meringue nests with vanilla ice cream and berry sauce. I am doing a silly thing with cards - we have an old deck of playing cards that is needing to be retired. I am throwing out everything but the hearts and one joker. Each day, he gets the corresponding number (or face) card with a hint (written in Sharpie) about where to look for his surprise that day. On the 14th, I'll use the joker.

I am going to rip off idea #7 for next year. thanks, Carol! You can find more of Carol (including cool knitting projects here.)

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