Saturday, March 21, 2009


The Love Magnet and her family hope you celebrate this day appropriately by:
1. Completely eliminating the words retard, retarded, or 'tard from your vocabulary.
2. Ask everyone you know to eliminate those words.
3. Hug a person who has Down syndrome.
Since this is a day for celebrating, The Love Magnet insists that you also make her favorite dessert: Chocolate Birthday Cake. Be sure to include candles and sprinkles. The Love Magnet believes all cakes should have candles and sprinkles.


My name is Sarah said...

What a darling picture.

Monica said...

:) Adam is so gonna love, Love Magnet's idea!!! We'll have to do it tomorrow though, and I'll be sure to give Love Magnet all credit :)

Aimster said...

Ahhh TLM is so wise for someone so young ;-) Sprinkles It iS!

Soozcat said...

I'm with you, kiddo. Candles and sprinkles are Good Stuff.