Sunday, March 08, 2009

Sunday Gratitudes

One huge gratitudes for meds. We've had a sick Mr. Wonderful, followed by The Love Magnet, Thirdborn Son and now me. The only things that seem to help are Vicks vapor products and Mucinex. While I am at it, I am grateful for the stores in easy distance and plenty of products stocked.

Gratitude for a wonderfully supportive church family. These people would walk through fire to help. This week our dear Relief Society President has been just incredible in helping me work through a few minor trials and teaching me humor through it all.

I'm incredibly grateful for a doctor who could give us a name for Thirdborn's learning disability. Thirdborn does have a form of dyslexia. We were even referred to a center that will help Thirdborn retrain his brain how to work with this disability. This doctor did all of this in a fun way that made Thirdborn comfortable. My son came home laughing and telling me about the silly things he had to do. He was more excited to show me the prize he picked for doing so well. I'm also grateful that Thirdborn has already started resource services to help him at school. He has had such a great attitude through it all and that is a big result of his wonderful teacher. I wish I could keep her for every grade.

I'm grateful for Mr. Wonderful. He was all set to take me out to dinner and a dance last Friday when he was sick. I told him that we could cancel and he replied that it wouldn't be fair to me that I needed a datenight. Well, yes I did. I convinced him to put on pjs. Then I ran to the store and splurged on three imported cheeses, a few antipasto items, crackers and non-alcoholic sparkling pear juice. I put everything together on a tray along with a high quality chocolate and toffee bar. We watched Cold Comfort Farm at which I laughed uproariously and Mr. Wonderful was baffled. When I told him we did not have to watch it he told me that he was just happy being with me. Isn't Mr. Wonderful wonderful?

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I hope you all feel better soon. Good thing you had the cold last. Mommys can't afford to get sick first.