Thursday, March 26, 2009

Where in the world is Scarehaircare?

I had a flu shot in October. Apparently it doesn't count for getting the flu in March.


So please excuse the omission of Sunday Gratitudes last Sunday. I was in bed. I made the kids miss the first two days of Spring Break. It wasn't much fun for them. I didn't even make the Chocolate Birthday Cake with sprinkles for World Down Syndrome Day. That will have to happen next Sunday. Pics will be forthcoming.

Now we are in Utah visiting family. The kids are enjoying a Spring Break full of snow. I am spending time with my mom and twin sis at my grandma's house. We're going through things and taking home mementos (I will post pics later). Mom saved me one of Grandma's many pickle crocks so I can make my own crystal pickles. I have a few books (one of my absolute favorites when I was growing up was Brigham Young and Me, Clarissa. I was thrilled to get it.) I also have a beautiful watercolor print of antique dolls that my cousin painted. It will go in The Love Magnet's room. Lastly, I have my grandma's Ableskiver pan. If you don't know what abelskivers are, I will show you in a later post. It requires photos of the finished product.

I hadn't been in Grandma's house in over a year. Longer than that - since she left to go into assisted living. It was bitter-sweet to be there - it's hard to believe that Grandma has been gone for 6 months. I looked into a closet and saw her sweaters. Tears came into my eyes - I wanted to wrap myself in a sweater hug. There was one sweater she wore the most, a white thing. I almost took it with me. I wish I did. I really miss my Grandma. I miss her reading Shel Silverstein to me. I miss making raspberry jam in her kitchen. I miss her showing me how to make holly hock dolls every year. I miss her taking me on a tour through her incredible flower and vegetable gardens (My sis-in-love was right - Grandma ran on solar power.) I know I've stated that I miss Grandma's Sunday suppers with the pickle dishes and "yucky" rolls. I miss being able to call Grandma when I needed to hear an adult voice. I miss hearing the family history stories.

Afterwards, we went to the local ice cream parlor for sundaes (raspberry chocolate brownie for twin sis and me and Almond Joy sundae for mom) and cheese fries. (I KNOW!! My inner health-nut was cringing!) There was a reason for this choice of menu: My twin sis brought Grandma S to the same place about a year ago. Grandma fell in love with cheese fries and sundaes. she had never eaten cheese fries before. Grandma wasn't eating much of anything at the time so when anyone found something she liked, they would encourage her to eat all she could. (There is a photo of that trip here.) So this afternoon we toasted Grandma with ice cream and cheese fries.

I won't be eating supper tonight. Someone will have to roll me to bed. This was worth all the calories I'll have to run off next week.



I am sorry to here that you had the flu. I am scared now. I had the flu shot too. First time ever because I couldn't imagine being sick with three kids. So much to do all the time. You know you have four. I am happy to here that you are having a great time on vacation. I would have to go with the almond hou sundae as well. Cheese fries are yummy! I have had them once and bacon on them. It was a great dinner for sure. WEll enjoy the snow. I am pretty done with all the snow here. I am more of a spring, summer and fall person. Can't wait to see the cake. Enjoy your family. I know you do.

Aimster said...

That is a lovely tribute to your grandma. I hope you are feeling better and back out running soon.