Monday, March 16, 2009

Pink Eye

Ugh. And more ugh.

What I thought yesterday was just goopy eyes from blocked tear ducts (it happens sometimes to my darling little girl) was most definitely a full blown case of pink eye this morning. I kept TLM home from school and called the family doctor first thing this morning.

Midmorning I get a call from the elementary school: Thirdborn has pinkeye and will I come and get him? (Why on earth didn't I see it when I looked at him this morning? He looked fine this morning.)

I called Mr. Wonderful to tell him the news and......his eyes are itchy. Oh, lovely. So are mine, come to think of it. The Love Magnet and her brothers spent yesterday afternoon all together in my bed, watching movies.........infecting my pillows........

So it's a round of eye drops for everyone at this house. And my profuse apologies to anyone else who might have picked it up from my kids this weekend. I shall repent from my not-so-nice thoughts of whomever infected my kids.

One smile: the nurse offered my kids a pair of their very own blue medical gloves so they could handle things without infecting everything. The Love Magnet immediately put hers on, turned to me and said "Mom, give me your arm". She proceeded to do a perfect imitation of taking my blood. She wanted to take everyone's blood - and hug them afterwards for being brave patients.

I had always thought that she would be a teacher's aide when she grew up. Now I am wondering of the possibilities of working in a doctors office. Not doing anything technical.....just offering love to teary patients.


CandyandLadybugs said...

Good gracious! Mrs. K always has pink eye in her room this time of year, for three years and running! URG! Now she'll have to replace all of the crayons and pencils and soak everything else in bleach.

I hope you all get better quickly. :)

Melissa said...

I actually thought my oldest son had pink-eye today too, but it turned out he has a sinus infection instead. And my youngest has Strep. That makes 9 (yes, that's NINE) cases of Strep this winter season between the 5 kids. UGH! I am soooo ready for spring! Good luck with the itchy eyes. That can't be fun...hang in there!


I hope she is feeling better. Pink eye is a bummer

mum2brady said...

ohh - I so don't love pink eye :( Hope it clears up quickly!

I can see your darling girl offering lots of hugs, compassion and love to people in doctor's offices - she would be PERFECT for that job :)

There is a cute girl that comes in and volunteers in the special ed. classroom at our school twice a week with T21 and she does such a great job with the kids and is so pretty and capable! I can so see the TLM doing that too!