Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Flat Love Magnet - Traveler Extraordinaire

Last year The Flat Love Magnet went to Paris (yes I really should scan those pictures in. that was a fun adventure). This year, TFLM is going to Seattle. You can follow her at the brand new blog:
Follow along on her new adventures with The Pirate King, Captain Midnight, and the Divine Miss V. You never know where those Scalawags will take her.
When she comes back, she might just take off again. TFLM loves to travel.


Soozcat said...

She's been a delightful guest so far!

By the way, the letter that came with the Flat Love Magnet neglected to tell us when she needs to return home. Could you let us know? The Post Office usually requires special handling for unaccompanied minors.

Sandy said...

Carrie, I had forgotten how much I enjoyed your blog until Jo reminded me.

I love hearing your stories about the Love Magnet and the way that you describe her.

Please consider Arkansas for the Flat One.

Love & blessings,