Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentines - apparently not all are edible

The Love Magnet came home today with a huge bag full of valentines and treats. She shared all of her candy - she even remembered that mom likes Tootsie rolls and doesn't care for sour gummies. Each valentine had a treat of some sort........

except for one..........

One boy in her class melted down crayons and made hearts. Each 2" heart was stuck onto a homemade valentine using sticky craft foam buttons.

The buttons looked like mints.

The heart looked like candy.

After dinner, my daughter came up to me. "Mom, yuck." She held out the crayon heart with a bite out of it and did a perfect imitation of Tom Hanks in the movie Big where he tries caviar for the first time. I escorted her to the bathroom where we rinsed her mouth out.

Back to the couch where the valentine lay. The Love Magnet fingers the foam buttons that look like Altoid mints. The Love Magnet loves Altoids.

"Sweetie, why don't you throw that away."

"But, Moooom! It my fa-la-tine. 'M' gave me!"

i made her throw it away with the promise of popcorn and a movie tonight. I guess I need to check over her valentine goodie stash the way I need to check her Halloween candy. I really don't want to call Poison Control tonight.

I wonder if any of the other kids in her class will eat their valentines from 'M'?


Soozcat said...

In her defense, it does look delicious. :)

mum2brady said...

ha ha ha - a little girl in Brady's class did that too - and three of my kids asked me if it was candy :) Since Brady hates candy - they get all his treats ;)