Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Gratitudes

Thanks to The Pirate King (aka the Laundry Faerie), I am crocheting again.

I learned how to crochet from my mom. My last project was the bunch-o-baby hats I made and donated to Primary Children's Medical Center when The Love Magnet had open heart surgery. I hadn't picked up a hook since then.....until the Pirate King started an afghan and then waxed enthusiastic about the socks she was knitting.

I don't knit. But the bug bit again. I needed a Sabbath activity to keep me busy. So I bought some blue variegated yarn and black and started another afghan. I had forgotten how relaxing it is to create something.

When I get this done, I think I'll make one for each child for Christmas. Then I'll go back to the humanitarian projects and crochet baby hats and blankets to donate.

So, I am grateful to my mom for teaching me how to crochet. I'm thankful for The Pirate King for getting me back into it. And I am thankful for this supply of yarn. It just might be one of the things to help me keep my sanity.

1 comment:

Soozcat said...

Yay! I has done a good deed all unawares and stuff! ;)

Seriously, afghany goodness? Awesome. And it's odd how having something to keep your hands busy helps to calm a worried heart somehow.