Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday Gratitudes

The generosity of the Love Magnet. She came home from her school's Valentine Day party and gave away every single one of her treats. Well, except the crayon heart (see previous post). What 7 year old is willing to give up a candy stash? TLM was so excited to wish everyone a Happy Fa-la-tyne Day.

I have to admit that I am grateful for the Olympics. It is the only time that I willingly watch sports on TV. It's fun to root for not just the USA, but every one who does really well. Especially the underdog countries who just have a few (or one) athlete. Surely I am not the only person disappointed that the Jamaican bobsled team didn't make the Olympic qualification round.

I'm grateful for parents who willingly volunteer their children. See, I'm starting a third choir. Yes, I am crazy, thanks so much for noticing. It's going to be a Primary age chorus that will sing around 3 special musical numbers during the year. The first will be with the Ward Choir and Youth Choir for Ward Conference next month. My first practice with the Primary chorus will be this weekend. I have 22 kids signed up. I hope I have 22 kids show up. I think there are over 185 kids in our Primary.

I am grateful for good professors. Mine are really good this semester. They are more than willing to discuss subjects near and dear to my heart (Down syndrome) when I havce questions or comments.

Warm blankets, a cup of Rooibos herbal tea, and Jasper Fforde books. Nice to have a non-textbook read. I love the Tuesday Next series and have them all. Brush up on your British history and Brit Lit. Makes the Fforde books all the funnier when you realize how skewed the Tuesday Next world really is. I think I've read these almost as much as Jane Eyre.

Evaporated milk. Yes, I am serious. The flavor reminds me of my Grandpa S who loved pouring it over home-canned peaches. I love pouring it into my cups of herbal tea (no, no caffeine in my tea. I know that my nieces and nephews read this. Must make perfectly clear that I am not drinking tea-with-a-kick). It's just one of those flavors that takes me back to my childhood. Dill, homemade pickles, and raspberry jam remind me of Grandma S. Italian Cream Cake, ambrosia salad, and the smell of fresh baked biscuits remind me of Grandma in Georgia. Cracked-wheat cereal and homemade cracked-wheat bread remind me of my southern Grandpa (my mom used to make it every time he visited).


Kristen's mom said...

Seriously canned milk is the best in herb tea. I pour mine in peppermint, also a memory from grandma who would sneak us kids a cup of coffee with half canned milk and half coffe. It broke my heart when they stopped making Postum. It tasted just like the half milk half coffee grandma used to make, then I discovered I could pour it in peppermint tea. Your love magnet is darling!

Scarehaircare said...

Postum! My grandma used to stock Postum. I loved that stuff (with canned milk, of course!) It's not made anymore? Too bad.

Off to check out Kristen.....