Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happy World Down Syndrome Day!

Down Syndrome isn't all of who she is. But it is a very big part of her. It has become an incredible part of our family.
She has taught us how to forgive others by her own example. She holds no grudges.
She hugs everyone.
She says thank you for everything - her gratitude is immense.
She constantly says "I Love You". Those words never grow meaningless.
She finds joy in the simplest thing on a daily basis.
When she is angry, she doesn't hold onto it for long.
She doesn't care what your ability or disability is.
God blessed us the day The Love Magnet came into our lives.
Happy World Down Syndrome Day. Celebrate by eliminating the 'R' word from your vocabulary. And hug a person with Down Syndrome this week.


Soozcat said...

You forgot to mention that she's a total cutie. ♥

lmatt12 said...

That is so precious! What a fun family you have!

Tausha said...

So glad you commented on out blog. I love yours!!! Your little girl is Beautiful!!!! I just love her smile!!! I look forward to following your blog.