Thursday, March 25, 2010

Make your life better

Tammy and Parker at Praying For Parker asked everyone to share a list of ways they make their life better. Find their list here.

Here's mine:

Teach your kids how to cook.

Read your kid's favorite book and have a book discussion.

Crochet or knit an afghan big enough for two.

Take a batch of Pepparkakor and Warm Cinnamon Milk Mix to your neighbors. I know it's a Christmas recipe, but I like it all the time.

Plant a garden. Let your kids choose a veggie seed packet they want to try.

Volunteer for Special Olympics local to you area.

Date night with your spouse every week. Even if it is just sending the kids to bed so the two of you can watch a movie or going for a walk.

Turn off the radio in your car and listen to the peace and quiet.

Set your table with cloth napkins and place mats.

Set aside one night a week for family night. Turn off the TV. Play games. Discuss matters important to your family. Do not answer your cell phone.

So......what is your list?


heather said...

I REALLY like this list!!! All so good ones but my favorite is reading my child's favorite book and having a book club discussion with them. I never do this and I know they would love it!

Jennece said...

I like everyone except teaching kids to cook, I am not good at that, getting better but still not good at that!