Sunday, March 07, 2010

Sunday Gratitudes

This past week, as I participated in clinic observations, I got to see a session involving voice/fluency problems. Patients needing this service usually have overworked, hoarse voices and need help with relaxing, healing, and learning how to use their voices more effectively. I was completely enamored. Other than the 20 minutes of a yoga relaxation exercise, the session included exercises I taught my voice students for 10 years: how to relax the vocal folds, throat, and jaw.

I came home incredibly excited about this new part of an SLP's practice that I had never considered before. Also, I felt pulled in two directions. For the past 6 years that I knew I wanted to be an SLP, I also knew that I wanted to work with people who have intellectual disabilities. Now I had found a desire to work with clients who have voice/fluency issues.

As I talked (and talked and talked....) to Mr. Wonderful about this incredible session I was so excited about, I also admitted my frustrations in the questions that kept buzzing around my head. Should I specialize? Which one? What about grad school, is there somewhere else I should go besides where I am currently studying? As usual, I really wanted Heavenly Father to tell me His plan for me and whether or not it included my studies towards SLP certification.

Mr. Wonderful listened patiently and waited for me to wind down (and that takes a lot of patience. He's done it for almost 19 years. I keep telling you, that man is incredible!) Then he pointed out, why not specialize in both? Decisions did not need to be made RIGHT NOW (obviously, I have no patience. It will take me a lifetime to learn.) I can still gather information and ask questions (a professor, whom I haven't met yet, just returned from a conference which subject was voice/fluency problems and corrections), and then get another blessing to help us (note that he didn't say me, but pointedly said us), before we make any decisions. And wasn't it wonderful that I had found a profession that I was so passionate about.

Then during datenight last night, he listened again, as I went on and on about the possibilities of what voice/fluency is and the knowledge I already had stored for that, while I tried to converse without being so rude as to point my chopsticks or flip sushi in his lap. (I wish I could be that attentive when he talks about engineering or physics. I try, I really do.)

So, gratitudes for such a wonderful, patient, and attentive husband. Gratitudes that I found a new part of my SLP program that I am so excited to learn more about. Gratitudes that we can afford tuition and books (and tuition will be going up next semester, ugh.) And gratitudes for decisions that do not have to be made right now.


The Country Mouse said...

Oh, I wish you could teach me jaw relaxation! I grind.

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