Monday, March 15, 2010

More Randomness

The Love Magnet has drawn with a black marker all over Secondborn's calendar, yearbook, bed sheets, wall, shelves, and carpet. This was beyond Picasso moments. This was full out vandalism. I guess I should be proud that she wrote her first and last name over everything? The school psychologist told me that I should be thrilled that TLM was studying "cause and effect" - that the same marker would draw with the same consistency over all those different surfaces.

During today's IEP eval, I found out that one of the goals for my daughter is to reduce the number of call out's to 4 per hour.
"What is a call-out?" I was clueless. I had to ask.
Apparently, every time someone comes into the classroom, The Love Magnet has to make a big deal, call out their name and welcome them to class. She also calls out to her classmates across the room. When she is told to whisper, she can't manage anything less than a stage whisper.
And this happens MORE than 4 times per hour?!
Yes. Apparently much more. The classmates take it in stride but it really is disruptive. My daughter, the social butterfly, refuses to let anyone go unnoticed.
God bless her teacher for her patience.
Secondborn is getting very excited for his first JV basketball game. Unfortunately it starts while I am still in class. I wonder if I can sneak out of class? Just 15 minutes early? As a proud mom, I cannot miss the debut of my son's basketball greatness.
I had to head to the high school last week to pay $187 for Firstborn's two upcoming AP tests. I also brought him a Subway Chicken and Bacon sub with Chipotle sauce. How does my child repay me for this kindness? He tried to leave with his lunch and no gratitude for me. So I held out my arms, quite obvious with my intention that he needed to hug his mom. He didn't hug me. He leaned. As in "I don't want to hug you, Mom, my friends might be watching".
Next time he had better hug me. Or no Subway.
Thirdborn attended his first Monster Truck Rally. It's something we would never take him to. But a friend had a birthday party and Thirdborn was invited.
Thirdborn came home with a checkered flag signed by all of the drivers. He had trucks in his eyes, toy trucks in his hands, and nonstop narration of every single agonizing second of that truck rally.
What does he now want to be when he grows up?
A scientist who will invent personal hover cars that everyone can afford. Oh, and to cure Down Syndrome, Mom.
Whew! I was worried there for a moment.
My parents left this morning for Uganda. Please keep them in your prayers.


Soozcat said...

We'll definitely pray for your mom and dad.

Don't worry, Firstborn will come around. He is temporarily poisoned by hormones. ;)

Lincoln Farrell and Marilyn Barlow said...

Your parents arrived safe and sound and will blog soon - 26 hour trip and we are very tired after not being able to sleep on the plane. Love mom