Friday, March 26, 2010

Road Trip

Road Trip with the entire family. I love road trips. I love seeing new places. I love looking at small towns, passing farmland, driving over bridges.
My kids think I'm crazy. They do not like road trips. We don't have a DVD player in our van. They have to resort to such old fashioned thing as books on CD, iPods, and silly car games.

At one town, we forgot to gas up the car. I was worried that we would get stuck in the middle of nowhere, with Mr. Wonderful hiking off to find a gas station.

Good thing we found civilization before that happened.

We traveled through gorgeous mountains.

We traveled through snow. Snow?! In March?!

Finally making it to a place of beautiful water and sky.

We met up with friends from The Flat Love Magnet Blog. Remember the Alice In Wonderland uberfan? We think she is uber cool.

And my BFF from BYU? Yeah, she is and always will be a kindred spirit, queen of all things trivia, supergeek of everything books, and forever known as The Pirate King aka The Laundry Faerie.

Along with Captain Midnight, we thoroughly enjoyed a massive feast, including the wearing of feast bibs. Except for Firstborn, who was too cool to wear a feast bib.

The Love Magnet took advantage of the good nature of The Laundry Faerie and stole from her plate.

After a long day of travel, and a very good dinner, the Love Magnet settled down in a strange bed and refused to sleep.
Firstborn and Secondborn gave visual proof that they could actually get along (when there was no one else to play with).

In a magical city with an odd homage to aliens..........
to be continued........


Kristin said...

How fun. We need a getaway from our house!

Soozcat said...

It was loads of fun getting out and about with your family. I hope Firstborn's ankle feels better soon.

Jennece said...

Ohhhhh, Seattle My Homeland!! I miss the trees, Not the rain! Have fun.

Leah said...

Oh, I LOVE road trips too! So do all of my kids so I got lucky. Whenever I wanted to go, I had willing participants. I had to laugh at your "old fashioned" car activities. Not sure Ipods are "old fashioned". HA! No, if you were having a family sing-a-long of all the songs you know, or playing kid music on the radio that mom and dad had to suffer through too...then yeah. LOL When we're in the car, if we get the lovely aroma of skunk, everyone demands the "Dead Skunk" song (and old family favorite.) And of course there is the long list of other family favorites. Glad you had fun! What great family time.

CandyandLadybugs said...

We love road trips too, but we discovered that Phoenix is a bit too far from Portland to drive. We had to do it in two days each way. Four days wasted driving is too much! Those are days we could have spent with family.

I'm glad you had fun. I have a BFF that lives in Seattle too. So we've been up there twice since moving here. :)

Tausha said...

Looks like you had a great time. We don't have the DVD in the car either and the two teenagers complain allllll the time. I just laugh and say, I didn't have one either and I survived. We became creative. Glad you travels were safe.