Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Stand A Little Taller
“Stand a little taller and work a little harder and value a little greater the marvelous blessing which you have as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. That membership will bring with it a strong and moving testimony of the divinity of the Son of God, the Savior of the world, the Lord Jesus Christ.
“You and I are sons and daughters of God, with something of divinity within us. Let us stand tall, my brothers and sisters. Let us live the gospel. Let us be busy in the Church. Let us learn of its doctrine. Let us feed upon its teachings. Let us grow in faith and faithfulness before the world” (President Gordon B. Hinkley, meeting, Cairns, Australia, 26 Jan. 2000).

Last night for Family Night we talked about President Hinkley and the legacy he left to us: more temples, more churches, service to our neighbors, the role of the family, that we live in an incredible time and to find the joy even though the world would have us think otherwise. It was a good discussion and one that lasted much longer than our usual 10 minute lessons. The boys were asking questions and making comments. DD participated in the first few minutes and then peacefully drew on her Disney Princess etch-a-sketch. We read Mosiah chapter 2 where King Benjamin gave his last address to his people.

After prayer, DS#2 still had questions that bounced around from recognizing the promptings of the Holy Ghost to science and God. As I sat and listened to my very math-and-science minded DH teach our son, I was filled with gratitude for a good husband who is a good father. For over an hour they discussed these topics as well as priesthood power. DS#2 will receive the Aaronic priesthood when he turns 12 in December. He is so excited for that day. The questions DS had revolved around his responsibilities and how it fit into the Melchizedek priesthood he will received when he is 19 before he goes on a mission. Last night, the spirit was strong in our house. It is a feeling I want in our house 24/7.

Many times DS talked about subjects he heard discussed when DH came home from the Priesthood session of General Conference. He often started his questions with "When President Hinkley taught this..." I realized how much this great man had influenced our family with his life. I'm sure he never expected nor wanted to be in that position, but he lived his life that was an example to other. I am so grateful for that life well lived.

One of President Hinkley's favorite themes was "Stand A Little Taller". He was constantly encouraging us to stand taller, try harder, aim for greater, rise higher, be kinder, be better. I've decided that that will be my personal theme this year.

Please check out this tribute to him:


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heather said...

I knew you would have something beautiful on your blog about our dear prophet!! I love the idea of your theme for 2008 being "Stand a little taller!" What a great thing to always be thinking and striving to do!