Friday, January 18, 2008

Real Me Time
Yesterday, DD was invited to her first play date (DD has never been invited to play dates or birthday parties outside of our family and Ds community before). A girl from Primary invited her over for lunch and fun. Her mom invited me over for lunch and adult conversation. A big draw for us both, so off we went with salad in hand.
Lunch was yummy (French Onion Salisbury Steaks, and she promised to email the recipe to me). I found out that my play date was a photographer so I made an appt to get the kids pics done for Day #4 on the 14 Days of Valentines. DD had great fun playing with all of the girl toys. Her play date had a full play kitchen with stocked pantry , tea set and table. DD was in heaven talking about what she was cooking as well as trying to get a few babies down for naps so she could "make Fam'ly Nite Treat".
My play date also told me about her book club and invited me to join. They were discussing Stephanie Meyer's Twilight that night. I had read the book and really looked forward to getting involved with a book club again.
That night DH came home from Las Vegas to see me getting dressed up including jewelry, lip gloss, and shoes (*gasp*, I know!!!!)..........and not staying home with him. I felt bad, but he knew how much I missed my old book club and sent me on my merry way. After getting lost and driving around a neighborhood with by far too many street names ending in Creek, I found the house and a great group of women. We had fun discussing the book (no one really enjoyed it, it was deemed too fluffy) and then went on to the books which had been previously been chosen for the year. I have already read a few but I'm looking forward to the whole list. Next month's book will be Three Cups Of Tea by David Relin.
We've lived here for seven months and last night was the first time I felt like I was taking planned time out for myself. It was wonderful. I was able to get to know someone outside of the few minutes we talk to each other at church. I met more people. I feel like, for the first time, I am really on my way to making this neighborhood and this town into my neighborhood and my town. DH has his work and the kids have their friends and their activities which eases them more quickly into this community. As a SAHM, it takes me longer. Too long. But I am slowly getting there.


heather said...

Sounds great!! I'm still waiting for others to invite Morgan over to play. She has so much fun at other homes with all new and different toys, etc. Hopefully it will come one day. All the kids her age in the primary (from sunbeams to CTR 6) are boys :( which makes it hard to get a good little friend for her. I am glad you had fun on your night out! Your new friends will be very lucky to have you! :)

Haley said...

How fun -- the playdate and the bookgroup. Let me know what books you'll be reading! I'm always game for a great book.

I just want to hug that little girl who had my little niece over for some fun! How fun for both of you!

Spice Girl said...

That's great news, Carrie. I KNOW the whole routine of getting to know new people, finding friends, starting book clubs, etc. It usually takes me two years to feel like I'm not the new girl anymore. I'm glad this woman invited you and L. over.


Val said...

I miss our old book club, too. Those nights were the best! Which neighborhood was your meeting at? There's a neighborhood in my ward where all the streets end in Creek. Yea for "me" time!

mum2brady said...

Sounds like sooo much fun! Glad you could get together and that your cute girl had so much fun with her new friend :) Love that she was making family home evening treats - she is such a doll!!!

Your 14 days of valentine's menu looks sooo yummy, and I can't wait to see the pics of your kids :)