Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunday Gratitudes

First of all, I have to express gratitude for Skype which allows me to see my parents and talk to them on the Internet at a fraction of the price it would be to make a phone call to Africa. My parents are healthy and happy. This week they used the Heath bar chips I sent them to make ice cream with the ice cream maker my sis sent them. They are entertaining government bigwigs they meet on their service projects, and making great head way in upcoming projects. They constantly remind their kids to be grateful for the things we take for granted in America (education, houses with running water, food, medical help, NURSES!! (in the hospitals there, patients are required to bring their own bedding and food and their relatives have to take care of them), and so many other things. It has been such a blessing to their children that they are so willing to serve the people of the DRC.

I'm grateful for the medicines we have available. The cold virus is starting to invade our home, starting with DD. I love that we have pharmaceuticals available and that we can afford them.

Grades just came out this week. Although DS#3 is still struggling, his teacher has noticed vast improvement in his willingness to try, in his behavior in the classroom, and in his caring for his classmates. DS 3# also scored 7/10 on his last spelling test - a HUGE improvement over previous tests. We have discovered that having him finger spell (ASL) his spelling words as he practices them helps tremendously.
I'm grateful for my new hobby. I needed something to keep my hands busy at night (and keep me away from my nightly ice cream habit). I haven't crocheted since I was 15 (and I was very bad at it). But I bought yarn in a variegated denim blue, chocolate brown, and khaki, and I made an afghan. I'm rather proud of it. I have already started another in yellow, red and a variegated blue/green/purple/red/yellow. My new hobby is addicting. I love how soft the yarn feels and that I am creating something that my family will use. My new hobby has the nasty habit of invading the family room but the family doesn't seem to mind. I'll take pics when my next project is done and show them off.
I am grateful that everyone is home, everyone is healthy, everyone is safe.
Last night, DH and I went out. We tried a new (for us ) sushi bar and I think we've finally found a place to replace Tepanyaki, our favorite sushi hangout in Utah. It was so wonderful to get out and talk. We talked about the house not selling yet, getting our food storage and 72 hour kits reorganized, possibly taking a vacay someplace warm, a little bit about each of the kids (things they did this past week that made us proud or just made us laugh). DH talked about work. I talked about my work at home. He talked about his scouts and I talked about my choir. Nothing amazing or scintillating. It was just nice to be together. Gotta be grateful for that.
While I am thinking about it, I am truly grateful for a relationship with a man I love that is deep like a river. Thanks to my Grandmother M. for explaining that to me 17 years ago. You were so right. But then, you always are.
I am grateful for my testimony of Jesus Christ. I am so far from perfect, if it weren't for Him I would never make it back to Heavenly Father. It has taken me decades to understand how Christ still loves me even though I mess up on a daily basis. But I am trying and I am getting better (slowly, oh so slowly).

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Val said...

I love Skype, too. Jon's parents are in China until August and it's so nice to be able to chat, and see them at the same time. Your family pics are adorable. Where did you get them done?