Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday Gratitudes

This is the time of year where I miss my mom the most. Last night was the General Relief Society broadcast. Think General Conference for women only. ( The men have their own broadcast on Saturday evening of Conference weekend.) Our family tradition is to go out to dinner beforehand and attend the RS broadcast together. Usually it was Mom, twin sis, and me. Sometimes we added a sis-in-love or a neighbor. But it was our time to be together. As much as I loved attending this session with my ward sisters (and the hilarious dessert-fest after, wow were we LOUD!), I still miss having that time with my mom.

This Sabbath I am grateful for:

The Relief Society Broadcast. For those of you who saw it, wasn't it fabulous?! For those of you who didn't see it, check it out here. My favorite was Elder Uchtdorf's talk, although the rest tied for a close second.

My Relief Society sisters. They have cheered on my running goals. They lifted me up during my darkest hours when we first got the go-ahead for The Love Magnet's heart surgery. These sisters (and bless their hearts, they are indeed sisters) are a force to be reckoned with. If something needs to be done, they will do it. If you don't let them know what needs to be done, they will find something.

That Secondborn is so self-motivated. I have been stressing about my other children when it comes to school. Secondborn needs no monitoring. He gets things done and aims for top grades. I try to tell him as often as possible how proud I am of him and his efforts. (He is still beating me in the grades department but I am slowly moving upwards. I'm still in the race.)

Our pediatrician. I took Thirdborn in for a physical to make sure we had a clean slate before our meeting on Monday. Ped. Dr. suggested another ped. dr. who focuses solely on testing for learning disabilities. Our ped dr. said that if Thirdborn was his child, this is what he would do. How can I argue with that? Our dr. has really been on top of things. He also recommended another cardiologist for The Love Magnet, since the local cardiologist that PCMC recommended hasn't returned our calls.

Sunday morning waffles. (I know, a tiny blip of nothing in the great plan of the universe. But Sunday morning waffles makes my family happy. I find a lot of joy in making my family happy with my cooking.) Whoops......Mr. Wonderful just reminded me that its Fast Sunday - after we ate the waffles.

Going back to school. I'm really enjoying the challenge. Yes, A&P is giving me stress, but its still fascinating. I firmly believe more and more while studying this that there is no way the human race happened by chance. There is some incredible engineering that has gone into designing our bodies. Our Heavenly Father is a genius.

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mum2brady said...

Love all your gratitudes!!!! Hope you had a great conference sunday :)