Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Did you?

I Voted! Pictures, Images and Photos

Strange: I don't remember ever voting where I had to fill out the ballot as if I were taking the SAT. That was also one smallest "things to vote for" I have ever seen. Not many people beyond the presidential office, local senate race, a bunch of local judges, state university board election, and one tax item.

Cool: While I was registering, a kid who looked barely old enough to vote came in with his two buddies who were already wearing their "I Voted" stickers. He told the women at the desk that he wasn't going to vote until his friends convinced him to do it and gave him a ride to the polling station.

Almost Convinced: that Election Day should be a national holiday so people can get out to vote. While talking to my fellow students today, many were not voting because they had class all day until late tonight. Of course, there was early voting available. They had their chance. Like I said, I was almost convinced.

Relieved: that after today we will be rid of negative campaign commercials.

Ready: to put on PJs, make popcorn and hot chocolate, and sit down to watch the election results.......or watch a movie while occasionally changing channels to watch election results. Too bad I have class tonight.

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CandyandLadybugs said...

I voted via absentee ballot 2 weeks ago. Joe did too.

I just checked and they are neck and neck. Should be an eventful evening. Our microwave is broken, so no popcorn for us. I was going to make some too. Darn!