Sunday, November 16, 2008

Tea Party Pictures

What do you do when you can't fathom paying $25/person for a proper tea at the local teashop? Your do it yourself.
Spending $35 for groceries was much better than paying $150 (not including tax and tip).
The Love Magnet is ready for some Girl Time...

along with the cousins and Auntie M.

Don't forget me. (My hat courtesy of the cousins. Thanks, cousins!)

Cucumber and mint sandwiches. Cream scones with lemon curd or currant jam and clotted cream. Cadbury chocolate biscuits. Fresh fruit. Treacle cake (which everyone was excited to try because we learned about it from reading Harry Potter). Huge thanks to Auntie M for supplying the teapot and cups and helping to put the food together.

The Love Magnet wasn't sure about herbal tea or cucumber-mint sandwiches. She went straight for the Cadbury Chocolate Biscuits. She definitely takes after her chocoholic auntie aka my twin sis.

The Cousins were great at practicing proper etiquette.

The boys were at school. We had to take one more picture when everyone came home. They were quite happy to eat the leftovers.

Huge gratitude for sweet cousins. Thanks for coming to visit!


Lily said...

This looks like so much fun!

My name is Sarah said...

Very cute. I love tea parties.

Robyn said...

How fun was that? Girls have way more fun than boys. Hands down.

Emma said...

I Will Remember that party always