Friday, November 07, 2008

Go ahead and hate me.

My Christmas shopping is half done. I need to figure out whom my family is gifting out of the sibs (we draw names to exchange gifts) and figure out what to get for the parents. The kids are mostly done (rather easy since all Firstborn wants is GCs).

I have decided on the neighbor gifts this year, thanks to The CompleteLee Blog (Mama Rika just so happens to be one of my college roomies way back when). The recipe for Warm Cinnamon Milk was tested today and declared a very big hit. The Pepparkakor recipe looks yummy. The two will be paired together (per Mama Rika's suggestion) for neighbor gifts.

Christmas decorating at my house is contained to one room so I will be done uber fast this year. The boys will take care of the outside. Mr. Wonderful and sons will be building me a tiered table this year for the Christmas Village which will reside in the entry.

If I start addressing Christmas cards on Sunday (and every Sunday until Thanksgiving weekend) I will be ready to mail out the cards December 1st. That reminds me, I still need to call Julie to get our family picture appt.

St. Lucia Day will be celebrated December 12th this year to work around my own school schedule. The dough can be refrigerated overnight (remember, I make orange rolls. Not traditional but I don't care.) and baked in the morning. Only two classes to bake for this year. At least I think so.

I know you really don't want to hear about Christmas yet. But I passionately hate shopping in the stores at Christmas (Oh, the crowds! Oh, the Gimmes!), I hate running around like crazy trying to fit everything into one season. I have a streamline plan that I follow most years. That way, on December 1st, all I have to worry about are finals, and attending a party or two. Hate me all you want. I'll be the one with my feet up, wearing comfy pjs, showing no stress, and drinking warm cinnamon milk.


Kimberly said...

Hey- quit making the rest of us look bad.

Haley said...

Way to go! That, kids and school. How do you do it?

Melissa said...

Hate me even more, Carrie. I'm actually completely done with Christmas shopping (except a few stocking stuffers). All 36 neighbor gifts and all of Todd's "work people (we have 24 ready to go) have been purchased. I've also wrapped all of the cousins, parents and in-laws gifts. (We draw names too and I make sure we do it early--like in August or September). I still have to wrap my kids' stuff and "put together" a few more of the neighbor/"work people" gifts, but all in all, I'm DONE SHOPPING! YEA! I'm with you! I HATE shopping when it's cold outside and the stores are insane! Plus, I look for deals year round, so it's better on the budget, too. Sorry, I didn't mean to brag, but I'm with you, I promise!

Robyn said...

Oh my heck! You all have me thinking I'm a slacker. Bit then again, I'm not in school full time and have a bunch of kids around the house so I don't need to be so organized. Except I still feel like a slacker! Um, gotta go pick out some Christmas cards!

mum2brady said...

sounds like the perfect plan. We are downsizing Christmas this year - so it probably won't be too hard to get it all in ;) I'm so happy that you're almost finished and can relax - how could I ever hate someone so incredibly organized :)

Scarehaircare said...

Disclaimer: This is the only time I am remotely organized (unless you count keeping Thirdborns' and The Love Magnet's school binder organized for all the meetings.)