Sunday, November 09, 2008

Sunday Gratitudes

1. I'm grateful that Thirdborn had his baptism interview with our bishop today. I wasn't able to be there (The Love Magnet had an accident and had to be taken home and change her dress). Bishop said that Thirdborn knew all the answers and that he did great. Hard to believe that in a few more weeks my youngest son will be baptized.

2. I'm grateful that I have had no more chest pain this past week. I feel great. I'm looking forward to tomorrow and my first run in two weeks.

3. Mr. Wonderful has been helping me study for an upcoming exam (essay questions) all about macromolecules. I've been struggling, so Mr. Wonderful took it upon himself to start with elementary organic chemistry. He's helped so much (and not once has he lost his patience with me when I couldn't answer a question. He said that he would probably do the same thing if he took a music theory class.)

4. While we're talking about Mr. Wonderful, we went on our first date in over a month. Our weekends had been consumed with illnesses, exhaustion, or someone needing his help. No barriers to date night this week. It was great to get out. There weren't any movies we wanted to see, so we drove around looking at houses, talking, and then ended up at a new-to-us local Italian place. The food was great (score!) and the restaurant was quiet with great ambiance (double score!) I love supporting local restaurants (as much as I dislike chain places). We had our server box up dessert which we ate at home while watching a video. It was so good to get out and spend time together.

5. I'm grateful for teachers. I met with the teachers of Thirdborn and The Love Magnet this past week. The ideas they have to help my children have been wonderful. The kids love to be in their classrooms.

6. I took my three younger kids to the Art Museum yesterday. The exhibit we went to see closed two days early. Instead we wandered around the museum. Secondborn has started an art class at his school and was very interested in looking at exhibits. I need to take him back without the youngest two children so I can enjoy it more (I was more concerned in making sure they didn't touch things they shouldn't). I see a future date with my son.

7. Firstborn had State swim meet this past weekend. Although he didn't qualify to be on first string, he still swam and did great. I got it on film. I'm grateful that he got involved in something this year. It looks like he wants to train with the local community team now in order to be ready for next year.

8. Secondborn's team won their first basketball game this past weekend with Secondborn scoring more than 1/3 of the points. He was happy and I was so excited for him. I'm grateful that he is enjoying this.

9. I'm grateful that most of my Christmas shopping is done. Gotta figure out how I'm going to hang the outside lights.

10. I'm grateful for quiet Sundays and church. In the lessons each week I always find something new to me, or something that I can improve on about myself. There is such a spirit of love that I find among the sisters in my ward. These women amaze me. Each of them has such a strength that I often wonder they even know about themselves. I love being with them ever Sabbath.


mum2brady said...

okay - do you really have to have organic chemistry to be a speech therapist? It just doesn't seem to connect to me.... go figure :) I was hoping to go back to school and go into the field myself, eventually, but, I'm pretty sure I'm too old for organic chemistry ;)

Scarehaircare said...

No you really don't need organic chem for the major but I know that Anatomy & Physiology would be so much easier if I did.