Monday, November 03, 2008

Sunday Gratitudes (on a Monday)

1. One year ago yesterday we adopted Dear Sweet Doggie Girl. I was not a pet person. This whole adoption idea came about because a special educator told us that it would be good for The Love Magnet. The boys were excited beyond belief at the prospect. Well, one year ago TODAY I fell head over heels in love with Dear Sweet Doggie Girl. She is the first to greet me when I get home from school. She loves to be my running partner. When I came home from the hospital last week, DSDG parked herself on the floor by my bed and would often get up to lick my hand. We guessed she was checking up on me. When I would wake up from a nap, DSDG had somehow gotten on my bed and snuggled herself between me and the 4" of bed left before the edge of the mattress. She helped Mr. Wonderful take care of me that day. Heavenly Father blessed us the day she became part of our family.

2. MY PARENTS ARE HOME!!! (I won't get to see them until Thanksgiving. But I did get to talk to Mom last night.)

3. I just found out today that if:
a) I test out of a humanities class (very doable)
b) I test into a 127 level math class (I'm not too sure about that but Mr. Wonderful said its definitely doable b/c he will tutor me.)
c)get the university to approve an astronomy class credit from a previous school

that I can earn my Associates of Science degree after summer semester AND apply to enter my major for fall '09. That is one year ahead of schedule!

4. I'm grateful that our family makes such a concerted effort to get everyone around the table at dinner. It is rare when it doesn't happen. I love how my kids try harder to get along during conversation. I love how The Love Magnet reminds everyone to keep their elbows off the table. I love how Mr. Wonderful has taught all the kids to thank me for the meal before they ask to be excused.

5. I'm grateful for the friendships I've made at school. They have noticed my absence this past week.

6. I'm grateful for my kindred spirit, Gingersnapspice, who knows nearly everything there is to know about literature (and can help my find a book simply from my description of "picture book about clouds and a factory"). Ging is a genius. I loved catching up with her last night.

7. I'm grateful that Secondborn did great in his first basketball game of the season, even if his team did lose. Secondborn made half of his team's points. He did awesome.

8. I'm grateful that we could come up with last minute costume ideas that turned out to be a lot of fun for the kids.

9. I'm grateful that I have half of my Christmas shopping done. I should finish right before Thanksgiving.

10. I have to show gratitude to my professors for not making my life miserable for missing last week. They have all been good to help me keep my grades without penalty.

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