Wednesday, December 26, 2007


DD has been back and forth between her new Leapfrog Word Whammer and her Veggie Tales movies. She has not touched her new doll and doll clothes very much. I need to sit down with her and remember how to play with dolls. Currently all of her baby dolls are without clothes as she undresses them and never puts anything back on. We have discussed Modesty many times but apparently that doesn't apply to baby dolls.

DS#3 loves his Wild Planet Hyper Dash (run DS, run!) and Fantastic Four games. He spent some time today playing with his new educational computer games. His favorite activity is going outside and having Doggie Girl pull him around on his birthday sled.

DS#2 loves his Guitar Hero (when he and DS#1 aren't fighting) and Pirates of the Carribean for PS2. He stayed up late reading his new book he hopes will replace the hole left by the ending of the Harry Potter series. He still has a basketball movie (Hoosiers) to watch and a DVD about the coach of BYU football.

DS#1 also loves his GH and PotC PS2 games. He tried to help me load up my new MP3 player but gave up with the instructions. I've seen his movies and books all over the place.

DH made bfast for the kids and then spent most of the day reading (he NEVER gets to relax and do absolutely nothing so I was thrilled to see him doing this). Right now he is digging into the fridge for leftovers with DD hot on his heels, asking for "Ta-toes and gwavy", her most favorite food.

I spent the morning reading and the afternoon digging the kitchen out of all of the dishes, plates, and goodies leftover from the celebrations. The boys were not happy when I gave them each a room to de-box, de-wrap, de-toy, and declutter. But now the house is presentable enough for unexpected company. I have a date with my new elliptical machine tonight to figure out all of the bells and whistles.

Its starting to snow again. I have a great view out the window as I type in the office nook. These days of Do-Nothing-We-Don't-Have-To are few and far between. As in no meetings, no errands, no obligations. We're all enjoying today immensely. Tonight we'll gather wearing pjs and holding popcorn bowls and pick one of the many movies we received for a family movie night.

I hope we can repeat it all again tomorrow.


heather said...

Merry Christmas to your family! I want to come in my pjs for a movie!:) Apparently it is Jr. Jazz BBall game tonight so Gavin is taking the 3 oldest to the Jazz game and leaving me home. I am ready for bed and quiet. Glad to hear you had a happy holiday!

CandyandLadybugs said...

Sounds like L is having fun. :) I hope she enjoys her time off from School. :) She's a sweet girl.

Merry Christmas. I hope you have more days like yesterday in the coming week. We will when we get home. I have to get some homework done, so the girls will be able to play with all of their toys. :)