Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sunday Gratitudes
  • I am so deeply grateful for my Savior. He knows me, every detail, every fault, and he still loves me. I could not make it through this life without his Atoning Sacrifice. He has suffered through all my mistakes, my worries, my hurts, and my anger. I can never fully repay Him but I can dedicate my life to him. My sister sent me this picture, a new artwork from Greg Olsen titled "Hand In Hand". She said it put her in tears, reminding her of our parents working as humanitarian missionaries in Africa. So gratitude to my dear twin sis for sharing this with me.
  • I am grateful for the YMCA basketball referees. They wear t-shirts that say on the back "Professional Role Model". In this age of steroid use, of sports figures being splashed across the news pages more for their scandals than their talent, I love it when I can find true sports heroes for my kids. The referees in my son's basketball league would make their calls and then take the time to explain to the kid what he did so he could learn from his mistake. The would cheer on both teams when they made great plays. I vote we take out all of the sports icons that seem more concerned with themselves and put in Professional Role Models that will play the games and actually be someone my kids can look up to. I know there are already a few out there. Maybe we could influence the media to show more players doing great things in their sports and in the world.
  • I am grateful for Christmas traditions. Tonight I served a Pannetone for dessert so my kids could try an Italian tradition. They liked my St. Lucia Orange rolls better but it was fun to experience something new. The kids at the elementary school had fun learning about our family traditions. I hope they go home and start some of their own.
  • I am grateful for DS#2's 5th grade teacher, who had her class each write me a thank you note for sharing St. Lucia Day with them. The letters were sweet and funny. They made my day. They each mentioned something they loved about the celebration. Many of them wanted to know more about their heritage and customs from the countries of their ancestors. I hope I did for them what my 2nd grade teacher, Miss Morgan, did for me: she lit a candle in my heart that glows brighter every year. I love learning about my heritage.
  • I'm grateful for my kids. DS#2, DS#3, and DD each hugged me many times last Thursday and thanked me for spending time to bake and come into their classes. I think DD did it because she saw her older brothers hug and thank me. DS#1 told them how much he appreciated it when I came to his elementary classes. It made me feel loved that they would acknowledge my efforts.

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The Country Mouse said...

Oh my. How have I gone this long without knowing that you are a twin? I guess my New Year resolution should have something to do with paying more attention! :)