Wednesday, December 05, 2007

My newly 11 yr old
DS#2 turned 11 yesterday. I wanted to show the world what a cute kid he is. Here are 11 great things about him:
1. He is brilliant. (okay, I am a mom who thinks ALL my children are brilliant!)
2. He is very kind to all kids.
3. He doesn't tolerate swearing. When he hears his friends swear, he tells them it isn't cool and asks them to stop.
4. He is a good writer. His stories are well thought out, and he often asks questions about books at school that the others don't think about.
5. He is very sweet in helping DD with her homework or cheering for DD and DS #3
6. He loves to read, often very late into the night. (He is so like his mom.)
7. He loves scouting and looks forward to getting his Eagle someday.
8. While he can't decide between being a professional basketball player or an astronaut, he told me that he will support me in my old age. (I got after him for even thinking of me as old.)
9. He says "Sir" and Ma'am". He is very polite. He even has good table manners!
10. He wants to serve a mission in Hong Kong. I have explained to him that he doesn't get to pick where he is sent, but he has insisted since he was 6 that he wants to go to Hong Kong.
11. He still kisses me on the cheek good night or when he leaves me (as long as it isn't in front of his friends).


heather said...

Happy 11th Birthday! Wish we were closer to celebrate with you! I hope you have a great day!

CandyandLadybugs said...

Happy Birthday buddy! :) :) :)

Haley said...

Happy Birthday! Eleven years old? Wow. When I first came into the family he was only a few months old!

Soozcat said...

Don't forget
12. He cleans up at Mah Jongg. :)