Sunday, December 02, 2007

Sunday Gratitudes

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After an emotional week I have to express heartfelt gratitude for my Dear Son #3. His bday was this past week. He has been struggling in school both academically and also with what might be a bully (we're not sure because this kid seems to like DS so we think he is just too rough and lacking social skills). Despite his struggles in reading and spelling, my son still proclaims to love school. So my gratitude for this blog is all about attitude, starting with his.

I am grateful for DS's school teacher's attitude. She has been so upbeat about finding answers to DS's struggles. She has kept my sanity intact this past week with her encouragement.

I am also grateful for DH's attitude about selling our Utah house. DH has completely turned it over to God. His faith and trust that everything will work out has been such a source of strength for me.

I am grateful for DS#2's attitude in the face of his trials. His basketball team has not won one single game. He was so excited about being on a team. He told me this past Saturday that, because they lost the game, they are officially in last place. Yes, he was upset about it. But not once have I heard him gripe about teammates, show poor sportsmanship, or want to quit. He is a real trooper.

I am also grateful for DD. Somehow, my little love-magnet has know every single time I have needed a hug. Not just me. She has gravitated towards her aide at school for a hug when her aide needed an extra dose of love. She loved DS#3 when he came home from school with blood on his cheek and mud in his hair. When DH came home from work this weekend, sick and exhausted, she wanted to bring him drinks and medicine. She always knows when someone needs an attitude adjustment or just extra love.

(I know that some of you have noticed that I have mentioned all of my family, except for DS#1. He is going through some teen 'tudes. I am hoping all of the positive attitudes bring him around. He is a good kid, not perfect though. All of us need an attitude adjustment now and then. I am not worried.)


CandyandLadybugs said...

I agree. DD is awesome! I love her hugs first thing in the morning too. I need a lot of them right now too. :) She's just precious!

Spice Girl said...

Well, dear friend, I'm grateful for your attitude! A cheerful smile and happy words seem to be MIA these days. But you always look for the positive. :)