Friday, December 21, 2007


After all of the trials DS#3 has gone through this year (reading/writing/spelling and bully problem), he has been given a HUGE boost to his self-esteem.

Every month at the elementary school, a positive character trait (PCT) is emphasized throughout the classrooms. Those who demonstrate the PCT on a daily basis are awarded at the end up of the month in a STAR assembly. This month the PCT was Caring and we were notified at the beginning of the week that DS#3 would be awarded a STAR certificate for Caring in front of the entire school on Friday.

Every single day this week DS#3 counted how many more days it would be until Friday. Every single day this week DS#3 reminded DH that he had to be sure to take an hour off from work to come to the assembly.

This morning when I asked DS what he was going to wear today he replied "Something nice. I've got to look good for the assembly." He made sure I combed his hair (usually I have to tell him 2+ times to come into my bathroom so I can do his hair). He knew right where his shoes were (usually we have to hunt for them at the last minute), and he packed his own lunch without me asking him to. That alone is a miracle.

DH and I were at the assembly in the front and center of the rows of chairs where the parents sit. DS#3 spotted us quickly and waved frantically to make sure we saw him. When his name was called, he walked up to the front that I'm-so-proud-of-myself little half-grin that I haven't seen him wear in ages. He solemnly shook the principal's hand and then walked over to his teacher to receive his certificate. When the rest of the names were called, the student body cheered like they were at a rock concert. DS's half-grin grew to ear-to-ear.

Afterwards, DS beelined to his daddy (I was near him first but he only had eyes for his daddy (*sigh*). I snapped the picture, then we walked DS back to his class. He asked me to keep his certificate and made me promise to put it on the fridge as soon as I got home.

I've already started dinner, Slow Cooked Greek Stew which I will serve over noodles and review tomorrow. So instead of a celebratory dinner, I need to think of a celebratory dessert for my child who thinks every great meal should end in dessert. I think his favorite is ice cream sundaes in our special ice cream parlor dishes. I'll have to make up a hero song to go with it.

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