Sunday, December 09, 2007

Sunday Gratitudes
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1. Healthy food: Yes I am a foodie and proud to admit it. But I must say it is really rewarding when I make or create a recipe that is healthy for my family as well as tasting great. (We have a rating system in this house. Thumbs Up means the recipe is a keeper and gets put into regular rotation. Thumbs Down means that the recipe isn't great and while not bad, my family would prefer not to have it again. Then there is Call For Pizza. That rarely happens here. That is when the food is so inedible that we have to call for pizza and dump my efforts in the trash. The last time that happened I had used meat that tasted soapy. We found out later that the grocery store washed their butcher equipment but not rinsed and many families had soapy Sunday Dinners.)

2. Healthy body: I am in relatively good health, losing weight, and exercising more (thanks to my personal trainer aka Doggie Girl). My only problems are mishaps with knives, stairs, the corners of all hard furniture, and hot caramel.

3. Healthy mind: Thanks to cheap therapy (aka calling my twin sis, skyping my mom in Africa, or emailing my Grandma in Georgia) I have what I hope is a healthy mind. These three women are my sounding boards. They offer wisdom when I need it, humble me when I get too big-headed, and extra love when I go through Worst Mama Ever syndrome. They have helped me keep my sanity multitudes of times.

4. Healthy Marriage: I am married to Mr. Wonderful and that is the best decision I ever made. His left-mindedness balances my right-mindedness. Recently, when I was venting about how S-L-O-W my weight-loss was going, he reminded me about how far I have come and gave me the strength to continue on. He is my personal cheerleader, my greatest advisor, and the best friend I will ever have. After 16 1/2 years of marriage he still makes my heart stop when he kisses me.

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