Monday, June 16, 2008

Hooray, hooray, O Happy Day!

lifeguard shizzle

I am officially the proud mom of an employed lifeguard.

The best part?

They told him that he got the job because he kept calling or stopping by to see if they reviewed his application yet and to see if they were hiring. They told him that they were impressed with his commitment and eagerness to work.

Firstborn told me this when he got in the car after the interview. Then I heard those golden tones that every parent wants to hear:

"Thanks, Mom". (Because I was the one who made him check back all those times. He thought it was futile.)

I want to copy that sound bite and replay at whim whenever I feel like it.....


chronicler said...

Don't you just love it! A double! First he gets the job and then because of what you told him to do! WooHoo! And here it is for posterity in the blog.

Have a great summer!

Chaotic Joy said...

Oh those words are so rare. I would want to record them as well. And I just might if my firstborn ever utters them. :)

Haley said...

Aha! It looks like you know what you're talking about. :) I can't believe that he's employed! What!?! Time sure flies.

We miss you guys!

Sandy said...

Aha, that happened to our dear son (oldest) out of college. He worked for Ford Motor Credit for almost 15 years! Go, MOM!!!!

Our first two were both lifeguards back in "the day," too! LOL!!!

Hope that your summer continues on such positive notes....

Nana Texas

Bek said...

Hey Mamma,

It is Bek from Segullah today. I just spent the last few hours reading your blog and crying and laughing and wishing that you would be MY mom!! :-)

I wanted to tell you how much appreciated your comment today. You should be writing the post, not me. I loved what you said about the Devine Parenting Manual. I read your post below about your daughter and her swimsuit and the new best friend (and I had THE EXACT same experience with my typical 8 year old just last week..she doesn't pick up on social cues either...) and it was a story about an experience I dread living through, but at the same time know that I am up to the challenge.

I guess I just wanted to thank you for writing frank and honest posts about all your kids. I love to peek into the mind of moms that are a few steps down a particular road than I am. I know that when we were first starting out with open adoptions, it was what helped me navigate the first tricky years.... thank you for expressing your frustration and love and fear and all the other stuff that goes into being a mamma, expecially the mamma of the Love Magnet.

That was a post, sorry for the long comment.

BTW.. congrats to the new lifeguard. It was my first job too... good times..

Scarehaircare said...

Bek - you are doing just fine yourself in the Mama department. Maybe one of these days I will share my story on Segullah. I think it is important that all families have a window into what we experience. I know that The Love Magnet is not just here for my family but to teach everyone with whom she comes in contact.

Funk Master B said...

Is this when you tell him, "You have no idea what's like to have a real job! ... till now."