Thursday, June 12, 2008

More Costs Of Fixing A Broken Heart
Room and Board for 48 hours: $2,700.00
Intensive Care for 24 hours: $4,225.77
Operating Room for 5 1/2 hours: $8,660.45
This doesn't include the labs, blood, cardiology, radiology, etc. Still very grateful that we have good insurance.
We were told today by couple how their children have been reporting to them every Sunday evening how The Love Magnet is doing and that she is getting better every week. They have been proud to be part of the prayers and fasting in her behalf. Talk like that just warms my heart.
As for The Love Magnet, she has been asking every day "Mom, we have school today?" She has been so disappointed when I told her no. Today I received a call from the bus driver who will be picking her up for summer school. When I hung up the phone, I explained to my daughter who I had just spoken to, and that she would get to go back to school soon. The Love Magnet ran to her room and emerged a few minutes later dressed in jeans and a long sleeve sweater. She was combing her hair as she told me "Mom, I ready for my school." Its going to be a long 1 1/2 weeks before summer school starts.
At least there is only one more week before The Love Magnet is cleared to play on playground equipment, run, jump, and do all the things she is not supposed to do now (but tries to do anyway).


CandyandLadybugs said...

How cute! Does she know that none of us are going to be there? I hope so. She might be disappointed. She makes friends pretty fast though, so she should be fine. :)

mum2brady said...

Hope she has a great time at school this summer :) She is so dang cute! I am so grateful that her surgery went so well (so well we didn't even get to SEE you!!!!) Hope you survive the next 1 1/2 weeks :) I love that she is so excited about school - what a doll!!!