Thursday, June 19, 2008

It Must Be The Running

2nd run this morning. Hurt my ankle after 1 1/2 miles (run two minutes, walk two minutes) and had to walk the last mile. I think it will be okay for Saturday's run. My twin sis will be here and she has been asked (warned) to bring her running shoes.

Today's run was harder. But I still feel good - just full of happy endorphins right now. I have a few observations that I can only attribute to this week of severely upping my exercise routine:

1. Suddenly I have been meticulous as writing down everything I eat (like a good Weight Watcher) and even measuring out my portions. I have not done this in a while. It must be the running.

2. Happy endorphins sure make me nicer to my kids. They have noticed. It must be the running.

3. I am looking forward to weigh-in this weekend, which emotion is highly unusual for me. It must be the running.

4. Looking in the mirror, I am more appreciative of my body, even though it has not changed size. Yet. It must be the running.

5. I have been able to watch the news without getting overwhelmed with how off-course our world is. It must be the happy endorphins which must be the running.

5. I have been looking at Title 9 for a few years now, thinking their stuff was so cute. Now, for the first time, I really want to buy some running clothes. It must be the running, although I do not think I qualify for cute running clothes yet.

6. For the first time in my life I am starting to think about myself as an athlete. That is a really powerful feeling. It must be the running.

7. Weight Watchers always says to imagine yourself at goal. I could never visualize that in my head until now. It must be the running.

I'm actually looking forward to the day where I can run the whole two miles and go further. I've had a few emails from my ward sisters who would like to put a team together for the 5K. Looking for more takers!

2 comments: said...

I love your heart. I've been trying to ramp up the WW too. I've had to start walking at night. Like 10:00 at night because there is nobody here to eyeball Parker in the mornings. I want so much to reach goal.

59 more pounds feels like an eternity.

mum2brady said...

WTG Carrie! Sounds like you are doing awesome!!! So happy to hear about all the positive changes running is helping with in your life!!!