Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Start Of Summer School

Monday was the first day of summer school for The Love Magnet. She was up, dressed, and had her backpack on 45 minutes before the bus was due. I sat at the front window with her to watch.

She pointed out the moon in the sky, the birds on the roof across the street, and the airplane flying by. The she grew serious for a moment. Looking for all the world like the old "I Want You..." Uncle Sam WWII posters, she pointed her finger at me and said,

"Mom, you stay HERE."

Her meaning was undoubtedly clear - I was not welcome to come to her school.

I had made plans to stop by her school that day to meet the teacher and count how many aides would be in her classroom. Her missive wouldn't stop me. I just had to be more sneaky about it. Soon after our little chat, the bus came. The Love Magnet ran to get on. I did not receive a goodbye. Not even a backwards glance. She was too excited.

Thirdborn and I ran errands that morning. In the middle, we stopped at the school ( a different one, further away from our neighborhood school) and were led to the classroom. No one was there so we followed our guide outside to the playground. There was my daughter, having a great time being chased by one of the aides. The aide didn't not seem like she was having a good time.

I introduced myself and the aide told me that The Love Magnet had run away from the classroom three times that morning and that was in the first two hours. I asked her if anyone had checked my daughter's file before school started. Her IEP and her behavior plan both state that my daughter is a wanderer and will push to see where her boundaries are. Aide had not read it, and pointed me in the direction of her teacher.

Summer School teacher is a man who looks like he is in his late 20s. I introduced myself and said that I heard about the adventures of the morning. Had he read her file and known about her tendency as an escape artist? No, the teacher had not read the file, IEP, or the behavior plan. I mentioned the main points of everything while wondering if they were going to lose my daughter and what was the school teaching plan for the summer? I guess I will have to plan a meeting or at least email the school to see what is covered.

Firstborn, Secondborn, and Thirdborn waited for the bus to bring The Love Magnet home. They tumbled out of the door, wrestling and each trying to be the first one to greet her. As they ran to the bus, my darling daughter looked out the bus window and grinned. Then she turned to the aide and bus driver and proudly announced, "Those are MY boys!" Bus driver and aide were laughing hard when they drove away.

Today, The Love Magnet again waited for the bus a good 20 minutes before it was due. She pointed out the moon in the sky, the bird on the roof across the street, and a plane going by. This time there was no command that I stay away from school. Instead, she cuddled in my arms and told me "I love you, hon-ey."

I love you, too, honey.


CandyandLadybugs said...

I'm glad she's having a good time. I sure hope her teacher and assistants read her behavior plan and IEP now. She sure was pushing their buttons, huh? :)

chronicler said...

What a wonderful story. I'd love to meet the love magnet someday.