Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Read the "About Me" on the right starting with the part that says "Future Dreams" before you read this:

I have been looking at the "Future Dream" part of my bio on the side of my blog for over a year. And I have not done one darn thing about them.

Until now.

One of the dear sisters in my ward (who happens to be my very cute pianist in choir) taught a lesson a few weeks ago where she used a marathon running chart to illustrate her point. I didn't know that she was a marathon runner. I mentioned to her that I wanted to set a goal to run a 5K in September.

Did I mention that I am starting as a couch potato? A complete newbie. A *gasp!* running virgin? In elementary school, I was always dead last in every Presidential Physical Fitness race (does that date me?) Humiliating memories. Its about time I tried to replace them with something better.

Cute Choir Pianist graciously offered to help me train. Our first training session was tonight. I was so nervous! Mr. Wonderful kept telling me I would be fine. The hour came and she knocked on the door. My first goal tonight was not to back out of it. I was committed. Check that goal off.

We ran two miles. Okay, really......we ran for two minutes and then walked for two minutes and kept that pattern going for a distance total of two miles. Choir Pianist brought her 4 year old son along in his jogging stroller. After nearly a mile, he got out and ran, too. He ran faster than me. It felt like I was trying to breathe through water, like my lungs couldn't expand enough. There were a few times that Choir Pianist had to verbally push me to run for just 20 more seconds. This was totally out of my comfort zone. I certainly didn't feel graceful and I know I didn't look cute.

I made it. I did it. AND I DIDN'T DIE! I am so stinkin' proud of myself right now! It must be all those endorphin that make you happy. This feels really good.

So....I am now issuing an invitation to my sister and sister-in-loves, ward sisters, my online sisters and kindred spirit sisters. There is a women's 5K in September that I've made a goal to run. It will be my very first 5K. I am inviting you all to run it with me. If you are interested, send me an email and I will send you the details.

I can't back out now - this invitation is now permanently floating around on the 'Net. God bless my trainer for her patience and great attitude.

I am going to be so sore tomorrow.


The Country Mouse said...

I'm very proud of you! For lots of things, but this seemed like a good time to say it. :)

chronicler said...

Totally cool! I have dreams of running. I think my body wants me to do it do bad it makes me dream about it. I was a runner in high school and I know how hard it is to begin. So way to go girl!

Melissa said...

Hey girl, wait to go! I walk/run 2 miles most days of the week. I've done it for 8 over 8 years now. Unfortunately I'm only maintaining in the weight department, so I really need to step it up. But I'm now up to running 7 minutes, walking 3 until 30 minutes is up. That's my big accomplishment for the day.

Since I don't see us coming to Idaho anytime soon, when you come to SLC and you have a minute, it would be fun to see you and Christie.

Congrats again! You can do it! One step at a time, that's what I say!

mum2brady said...

Whooo hoooo - WTG Carrie! I so would love to run a 5K - it isn't happening yet - but - maybe someday :) I'm so proud of you :)

p.s. love the new bloggy look!

Haley said...

Whhhaattt!?! Hooray! Maybe we can run a race together sometime. I would love it!

Scarehaircare said...

Haley - your "Whaaat" smacks of incredulity. Don't worry, the world is not going to end yet. :)

hayngrl101 said...

I think I might be in... hayngrl101 at gmail dot com for the info. thanks!

Angela said...

Good for you Carrie. I don't think I'll be coming up to Idaho any time soon, otherwise I'd run it with you. You'll do great. Your mom once did a 5k- did you know that? It feels good when it's all done.