Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday Gratitude

This weekend my twin sis brought four of her kids for a quick visit while her Dear Husband and two oldest children were at Youth Conference. Because it was a last minute trip, I did not have time to plan something really cool like the river float that is so popular here. That will be another time, hopefully in the next month when twin sis brings her entire family.

The best part of this trip? Twin sis, who is technically my younger sister by ten whole minutes thankyouverymuch, is a goldmine of parenting information in raising Firstborn. Her Firstborn is two years older so she had a head start on me. Her Secondborn is not quite two months younger than my Firstborn. Everything I am experiencing, she has already gone through (is it "Bad Mom" of me to say "endured" instead of "gone through"? That's how I feel right now.)

We both agreed that my Firstborn needs to find his passion, something that lights a spark in him. Right now, I can't suggest anything without eyerolls from him. We can have great conversations as long as the subjects of Eagle Scout project, Grades, and School do not come up. He complains that he isn't good at anything, yet seems unwilling to put forth the great effort it takes to become good at something. I am at a loss.

Twin sis spent three days listening, and showing me her ideas. She has been through it before: the Eagle Scout projects (two already, which really irritates Firstborn as the second Eagle Scout was awarded to the cousin who is younger than him), the bad grades (she has a better way to use Power School, one that I never knew about), even the seemingly universal Eyeroll (apparently it is not only my son who does this but a common teen reaction. Who knew?)

I feel a bit guilty that I didn't show twin sis and her kids a better time - the local movie theater and our neighborhood pool do not define what is great about living in our area. She probably feels she spent three days in cheap therapy with me and I was the only one to benefit. I miss being able to see her whenever I want so having her here was like a cold drink of water on a hot day.

So here is my Sunday Gratitude dedicated to my twin sis. My smarter, wiser, kinder, beautiful twin sis. God blessed me with her because He knew I needed her.


Angela said...

You two are a great pair! Lucky to have each other. I always wished I had a sister. Oh well, best friends will have to do. :D

chronicler said...

Aren't sisters great! I don't know what I'd do without mine. Such a great source of information.

Oh the eye roll!

CandyandLadybugs said...

I'm sure you sis had fun! You don't always have to be the entertainer. :) Sometimes it is nice to visit without all of the fuss of things to keep you busy.

Oh, and the eyeroll thing, I was the master of that one. You can ask my mom and dad. :)

Sandy said...

Did you run the run last Saturday? I thought that was the day that your sis was coming and that you two were running the race.

Just remember, if it is "not" the running, walking will do. God is patient. ;-)

Sandy (Nana Texas)

mum2brady said...

So glad your sissy could come visit! I always wished I had a twin (and then wanted twins after I babysat a boy/girl set for years - who - ironically, I lost track of, but found again when the boy happened to have a baby with ds - how cool is that???) you are so lucky to have each other. And - how cool that she has already endured (yes - you can use that phrase) an oldest teenage child. Parenting sure is an education and a journey - isn't it :)

Hugs - wish I could come visit ya :)