Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday Gratitudes

1. The times you feel the most grateful for something are when you don't have them anymore. I'm really grateful for central air. Our central air broke yesterday and it won't be fixed until tomorrow. Today's temperature was 105 degrees F. The air conditioning at church never felt so good as it did today. Too bad we can't sleep there.

2. A healthy body. I actually wanted to go running today but its the Sabbath and my parents taught me to keep it holy. I'm surprised that I was actually looking forward to running and missed it.

3. Since I am looking forward to running, I need to show gratitude for K, my trainer who is becoming a good friend. Methinks even a kindred spirit. She has been such a cheerleader and so patient with me the past two weeks. I ask Heavenly Father to bless her every day.

4. My Relief Society sisters. I bunch of them stopped me at church today to ask how the running was going. It was so sweet of them to show interest. They made me feel loved.

5. Supportive kids. Much gratitude to Secondborn for running with me and to Thirdborn and The Love Magnet for participating.

6. HUGE AMOUNTS OF GRATITUDE to a supportive Mr. Wonderful. He is always so good to me and the past week was no exception. Hearing him tell me how proud he was of me meant more than anything else. He has been great to make sure I have the time for myself to work on these goals.

7. Many thanks to my cousin and my neighbor for sending house hunters they know to look at my house in Utah. No offers, but I am grateful that it is getting seen. I'll include here my gratitude for everyone who is still praying that the house will sell soon.

8. Primary teachers. Today I subbed in Primary for the pianist. The Love Magnet did not sit with her class as there were substitute teachers. She sat with last year's teacher instead. Watching my daughter made me so grateful for the infinite patience that these people have. The Love Magnet was up and around. She was encouraged to sit down and be reverent. Up, down, up, down, up, down. I guess we need to work on reverence more at home.

9. Frozen grapes. And gratitude to Firstborn for thinking to throw the grapes in the freezer. They sure taste good in this hot house.

10. Much gratitude for the blogs of my family. It has been great to catch up in your lives and not feel too far away.


CandyandLadybugs said...

Bummer about your air conditioner! that is the pits! I hope it gets fixed today as planned. I'll pray that they have the part you need.

Tell Love Magnet hi from me. I miss her so much!

mum2brady said...

Oh man - I can sooo relate about the air conditioning. We just got ours fixed last week, and it was definitely one of my gratitudes!!!

Again - WTG on the running - I'm so impressed with your stick-to-it-ness - you're doing awesome!!!

Hope you get some heat relief soon and that your house in Utah sells.