Saturday, October 27, 2007

4 Kids plus 2 more
I have my twin sis two youngest kids while she and her DH take their 4 oldest on a cruise. So far I am the coolest aunt and live in the coolest place on the planet. Not only do I have cool toys but we had Trunk-or-Treat at my church tonight and they scored on the candy haul and it isn't Halloween yet! We also have a corn maze, story time at the library, neighborhood park, and a whole slew of fun times. Oh, yes, they keep reminding me that I am the coolest aunt.
On top of the this Humane Society called. The dog we were hoping for has passed her obedience training and Good Dog Citizen certification and we will be able to adopt her this coming Friday. My nephews are ecstatic that this will take place while they are here as they do not have a dog at home. Our new dog has even started training to catch Frisbees so my sons and nephews have big plans for next weekend.
My nephews are hilarious, one of the examples happened at bedtime tonight. DN #2 who is 3, hyped on candy and just out of his costume, ran down our hall wearing only his underwear and wielding a sword he found is DS#3's room. He stopped in front of DH, posed and said in his best Spanish accent "My name is Manuel Montoya. You killed my father......prepare to die!"
DN#2 should not have been Robin for Halloween. He does a much better Princess Bride impersonation.

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