Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Do NOT let your child go to school without socks....

The elementary school counselor called yesterday. She wanted to know if we needed financial assistance. DS#3 told his teacher that we could not afford to buy him socks which is why he wasn't wearing any that day.

Oh, dear.

I told DS that morning that I refused to buy him any more socks until he found the 12 pairs of socks I had previously bought him. He has a nasty habit of stashing dirty socks everywhere rather than putting them down the laundry chute for me to wash. I usually find them when they get so ripe I can follow the smell.

The counselor had a great laugh over that one. I am sure it will circulate around the teachers lounge during the lunch break. *sigh*

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Spice Girl said...

Hah! I'm laughing. A lot.

Samuel came home with different pants and (gasp) boxer shorts yesterday. He fell off the slide into a big puddle and the nurse gave him new clothes with the instructions to wash the clothes and bring them back today. Like that was going to happen...