Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Brotherly Influence
Just how much is my little girl affected by her three heroes (four if you count DH) in our house? Tonight, I asked DD to take off her dirty clothes in the laundry room and put them on the washer for me. I turned around to look in the dryer for her clean jammies. While I was getting them ready I heard this:
I turned around just in time to see her shoot her pants up onto the washer where her shirt had landed. She missed and then did it again. This time at the success of her aim she pumped her fists in the air:
"Yesss! I win! I am Champ!"
A victory dance ensued which made it harder to put on her yellow Dora jammies. As soon as I was able to finish with the buttons she ran out of the laundry, looking for her brothers to request high-fives.
(Good thing she doesn't think everything they do is cool. If they burp and laugh, she gets on their case and demands an "Excuse me" from them.)

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heather said...

That is so cute! She is talking so much. I was going to ask you if she is able to get her self dressed and undressed...but I guess that answers my question. Morgan can get her pants on and off but still struggles with the shirt. I feel like getting her dressed is always a race around the room, chasing her!