Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday Gratitudes

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Today is an absolutely glorious day. I think it seems even more so since we have sunny blue skies here after three days of cold and rain.Three trees outside my window have turned red and gold and most of them have lost leaves in the last storm. I love how peaceful it feels. Tody I am grateful for:

1. Today in church our closing hymn was a favorite Primary song called "Families Can Be Together Forever". You can listen to it here:

I love this song because it is the traditional song we would sing at my Family Home Evening at my parent's house. As I was leading it today in church I started to get a little teary thinking about my parents. I am grateful for the things they have taught me, most importantly about how families can be together forever. I'm missing my Mom and Daddy today.

2. DH's birthday dinner was a rousing success. I was thrilled at how everything turned out, especially the cake. This was the first cake I didn't have a bit of trouble with. Check out the recipe I posted yesterday. I'm grateful that my mom took the time to teach me how to cook. My wedding cake was Italian Cream Cake. I tasted what the cake baker had to offer and then asked if she would mind doing a family recipe instead. It was the first wedding I had seen where the entire cake was eaten. People were going back for seconds. My mom had to rescue the top layer from the guests to freeze for my first anniversary.
3. We had someone look at our house yesterday in Utah and they happen to be from the city where we live now. I am sooooo grateful that someone was interested enough to look and I hope hope hope that they love it enough to buy it.
4. Yesterday, DS#1 arranged a service project to help DNDN move a bunch of rocks to her backyard as well as plant two trees. I am proud of him for doing this. He was disappointed when only one other boy showed up to help. DH rounded up DS#2 and they went over to help. They got the job done in two house and tromped back here for Krispy Kremes and Stephens Gourmet Milk Chocolate Cocoa. I am grateful for the example that DS#1 and DH set for DS#2. DS#2 learned how giving service gives us good feelings about ourselves and those we serve. DS#3 even went over for the last half hour. DH assigned him to push the empty wheelbarrows from the back yard to the front to be filled up with gravel. He struggled with it but was so proud of being able to help. DD went into their house to share the love with DNDN and her two daughters (and their dogs, of course).
5. Today in church DS#2 sat next to a boys in Primary who was determined to bug him as much as possible. This kid was so irreverent. I was substituting as the Primary Chorister today and watched DS#2 as he tried to convince the boy to be reverent and then ignored him and acted appropriately as he knew he was supposed to do. He sang the songs and sat still during Sharing Time. I am grateful that he did what he knew was right even when it was hard.
6. I am no reading Luke in my scripture study. I like how much more clear he is. I am understanding more reading his accounts. So here is gratitude for Luke!
7. Honeycrisp apples. Oh, wow, are they good!
8. All those parents who struggle with their kids, hoping that they will teach them enough for those kids to go out and make good decisions: in case no one has ever told you....THANK YOU!

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How did I miss the whole you are LDS too thing?

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