Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Yesterday I was at DS#1's high school (he forgot his lunch). While I was there the students were walking to their next class. I always wonder at the clothing styles that I see. Most of these styles aren't too bad but there is one I cannot tolerate: low slung jeans.

I was floored at how many guys had their jeans so far below their bum-cheeks that I not only knew exactly what kind and color of underwear they were wearing but that I wondered by what miracle they stayed up. Of course, guys must not care if their jeans fall to their ankles. Maybe it happens to them multiple times a day. I would think that anyone stepping onto the bottom of their pant leg that puddles to the floor would automatically lose the rest of their jeans right there in the hallway.

Is there any connection with this style and IQ?

My sons do not dress like this. I am so glad that they think it looks ridiculous, too.

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