Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Bucket List

On a road trip a while back, Dear Son #1 wanted to play the Bucket Game (named after the movie The Bucket List). Name 10 things you want to do or accomplish before you die. Some of the more interesting ones were:

DD: - visit GamaPapa Africa
- kiss Daddy

DS#3: - give food to the poor
- give money to the poor
(I'll post the rest in a minute as he was influenced by his brothers on his last decision.)

DS#2: - serve a mission in China
- Play for the Utah Jazz
- Fly a helicopter to school
- go to space

DS#1: - Write a book called 100 Ways To Get Kicked Out of Walmart
- Make a potato gun
- Invent a new fire fighter technique

At this point DS#3, who had such noble aspirations in the beginning, amended his list to:

- Drive a motorcycle
- Find gold


What are Mom's goals and dreams? I already wrote them down next to my picture on the right. They have not changed for years.

In case you were wondering, my sons will NOT be driving motorcycles as long as they live under my roof.


Mike said...

(Mike's Wife says) I hear you on the motorcycles --- or as our EMT friend called them, "donorcycles."
Kenly is still counting on the date to prom in the future and continually reminds me she will be 13 in September. That means DS #1 has 3 1/2 years to prepare for some really enthusiastic formal dancing! ;-)

Scarehaircare said...

DS#1 still talks about it too. Tell Kenly that he has not forgotten. He has been Peer Tutoring two kids this semester, one with Ds. It has been great to watch him bring his other friends into that circle.