Sunday, April 06, 2008

Sunday Gratitudes
SL temple spring
1. This weekend was the semi-annual General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Brady's Mom at Brady's Bunch calls it 'Jammies Church'. We have started the same tradition of watching Conference on TV while wearing our most comfortable jammies. I have a lot of treats in stock. This year, there was a 15 page Conference Packet floating around the Internet. It was full of games, coloring pages, and places to write down thoughts. I printed out three copies for my three youngest. They loved it, especially playing Conference Bingo with Cheezits crackers for the game tokens. Everyone was so full of treats that I didn't bother cooking all day. I'm grateful for the time we spent together as a family.

2. I'm also grateful for the messages given during Conference. Audio and visual archives General Conference can be seen and heard here. I'm eager for the transcripts to be available on Thursday so I can take my time to study them further. My favorite speakers are.....well this year it is too hard to pick a favorite. There were so many messages I needed to hear. The music was inspiring and there are a few pieces I want to track down for my ward choir.

3. I'm grateful that we've made our family scripture study a habit. The chapters we have studied in the past month were talked about during conference today. We had many great moments where one of the kids would say "Hey! We just read that!" when one of the General Authorities would quote certain verses or talk about Abinidai, Alma, Alma the Younger, and Ammon, Aaron, Omner, and Himni. This was the first time I watched my kids really listen to and enjoy the Conference speakers.

4. I'm grateful for a surprise visit from dear friends from Utah. We had no idea they were in our area and I'm grateful that they took the time to come find us. We had a great hour visiting. These are dear friends from our game night group. The kind of people that will be friends forever.

5. I'm grateful for this feeling of peace I have had since my three angels were put into my path. Mr. Wonderful and I have talked long into the night about our blessing that we recognize. We know that they are many and that there are many more that we do not recognize. I have added into my prayers the asking for wisdom to recognize all my blessings. Counting them has really helped in keeping my courage up and my faith strong.

6. Tomato plants. My sweet neighbor has brought over three tomato plants that she started for me. I had planned on getting them into the ground this weekend but Mr. Wonderful will not be able to build my grow boxes until next weekend. So they are sitting on my kitchen windowsill, my visual promise to get my garden in this year. There is nothing better than eating a garden fresh tomato, warmed by the sun, and my toes wiggling in the dirt. All I need is a salt shaker and an apron. Who needs plates, forks, or dinner for that matter?

7. My daughter still continues to bless my heart to be strong. She is also blessing her daddy's heart, GamaPapa Africa's heart, and then the list varies depending on who she is thinking about the most. We have been reading a book by Mr. Rogers about hospitals. I love that it has real pictures and talks about what to expect, including feelings. DD does not have any negative feelings. She loves to point out the pictures that she is familiar with, such as being weighed and measured, checking her heart with a stethoscope, and being x-rayed. Her attitude is so positive and loving and she has affected everyone around her.

8. There is a series called Acts of God that is shown on BYU cable. It is about the Church's Humanitarian work. There have been two episodes dealing with what my parents are doing in Africa. I have loved showing these 30 minute documentaries to my family. The kids were enthralled and kept asking "Is that what they do? "Will they be on this show?" "Is that what the people look like and is that what their houses look like?" It has been eye-opening for my kids to realize the blessing they do have with a home, money sufficient for our needs, education, and basics such as clean water. I am trying to track down a copy to buy. The 4 part series is that good.

9. This weekend I have witnessed again random acts of kindness by my sons. Whether it was a kind word to one of their brothers, playing games together or helping a neighbor, I love seeing proof that they are growing up into young men that I am so proud of.

10. Mr. Wonderful because he is wonderful. He continues to be my rock, my best friend, my love, my partner, and my sounding board. He teaches our children to treat me with respect by his own example. He is the most selfless person I know.


Captured Moments Photography said...

Thanks for your inspiration, positive attitude and joy of life. I was really touched by your comments and grateful to know your family. Thanks

Val said...

What a great list. Conference was so wonderful this weekend. Who came to visit from Utah?

Kimberly said...

I always look forward to your Sunday thoughts. Thanks for sharing them. By the way, I love the new blog look.