Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Learning From My Daughter

My Visiting Teaching companion and her family came over for dinner on Monday night. The invitation was a bit of a shameless bribe, actually. Her husband was a military IT guy and I needed him to fix my computer.

Dinner was tasty (bruschetta, caesar salad, pasta alfredo with chicken and broccoli, and a polenta pound cake with fresh strawberries and whip cream.) DS#1 and #2 played with their sons the same age. DD monopolized their teen daughter. Everyone talked and laughed while the kids watched movies or played football.

Our second Sunday in this area, Mr. Wonderful was not at church with us. I can't remember if he had to work, was out of town, or sick in bed. I was doing the single mom thing. Its not easy to manage four kids without the backup of a spouse. We barely made it to church on time. The only soft seats available was a half-of-a-bench near the front where my future VT companion and her family were sitting. DD immediately scooted right over to them and glued herself to their teen daughter. DD then smiled at me and said in a not-quiet-enough whisper "Mom! MOM!!". she then pointed at her seat mate and said "My new friend!"

DD usually will huge everyone but she doesn't stick around and prefers the comfort of my lap. Not this time. She stuck to her new friend all through Sacrament Meeting. I worried that this teen might not appreciate her instant sidekick. It turned out that she loved it and they formed a bond. DD always has to say hi to her and looks for her every Sunday.

DD had the right attitude. It was an epiphany for me. I had to look at all of the strangers in my new ward as potential new friends. Suddenly it wasn't so hard to do the single mom thing in church. I found Julie in Relief Society and introduced myself. Not long after that we were called to be VT Companions.

Fast forward to last Monday. Computer was mostly fixed. Sound card still isn't working. It looks like another dinner invitation is in order. Apparently, VTs husband is a huge curry addict, having once lived in England. I need to brush up on my Indian cooking skills.

Her sons payed me the ultimate compliment as they left that night. One had a bruschetta in his hands and his cheeks were distended from the bruschetta in his mouth. Another had grabbed a second (or was it third?) piece of cake to eat on the way home. I love it when people love my cooking! The boys were sweet enough to tell me so on their way out.

I discovered that VT companion is a kindred spirit. We ended up talking non stop. We made a promise before she left for a sushi date in the future.

Its rare to find a VT companion that you know you will be friends with long after the calling is gone. I hope we're companions for a long time.

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