Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunday Gratitudes

Of Such is the Kingdom of God -Simon Dewey

This weekend was stake conference for my area. Elder David A. Bednar, one of the apostles, came to preside over our meeting and set apart a new stake presidency. I am so grateful for his counsel this weekend. We went to both the adult meeting last night and stake conference today. Elder Bednar has a way of teaching with such simplicity, yet in a way to broaden my understanding. He has made me want to study more on Moral Agency, on having a broken heart, and sustaining those who are called to teach and lead.

I am grateful for the boys soccer games yesterday. DS#2 scored 6 of the twelve goals his team made. DS has now decided that soccer is very cool indeed. He has a natural ability for sports that amazes me. DS#3 scored a goal in his soccer game, too. He was so proud of it. He is turning into a fast runner. I think I might have to find a track program as he is really showing a talent for running.

I'm grateful that DS#1 is on his last week of lifeguard training. He has worked hard and is looking forward to finding a job this summer. Next up .... driver's ed.

I'm grateful for all the help we have been offered this past week. Neighbors and ward members have all been so gracious. I have a few who have offered to be contacts and deliver any news to the rest of the ward and neighborhood. Others have offered to help with the boys while I am gone.

I am so grateful for our ward Primary. They organized a fast for DD today. Even the little kids were happy to fast one meal. I have such great faith in the power of fasting and prayer. I know that there will be blessings for this.

I am grateful for the continued feeling of peace. I have been able to talk about the upcoming surgery without dissolving into tears. I have confidence in the doctors. I hope that this strength continues through Thursday. I can't let my daughter see me cry, not on that day.

I'm grateful for my twin sis who will be coming to sit with Mr. Wonderful and me on Thursday. I told her weeks ago that we would be fine, but I have to admit that I am so deeply thankful that she didn't listen to me and arranged her schedule to be free for us that day.

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mum2brady said...

Carrie - keeping you and Lauren in our thoughts and prayers. If I'm totally recovered I really want to come up and visit! Let me know what day you think would be best! Lots of love and prayers being sent to you and your beautiful baby girl!!