Monday, April 28, 2008

Going Away Party
D's kindergarten class had a small going away party. They worked hard to make her a scrapbook. Each child wrote her a letter and pasted their picture on the page. Each page also had a drawing by the student.
DD sat in the important red chair for her special day.

The student teacher sat down with her to help her read. Each classmate wanted their letter read aloud. It was DD's job to look at the picture and tell everyone whose letter was being read.

A quick pose of DD"s class. You can barely see DD at the top in the Important Red Chair.

We brought HUGE cupcakes from Costco to share with her class. The were so big we had to cut them in half. It made a great snack with ice cold milk.
The Resource teacher also made a scrapbook with all of the teachers, paras, and students in resource. DD loved looking at the pictures. These are two wonderful books that we will be taking with us to the hospital.

Resource also told me that DD has started sounding out words. My kindergartener is READING?!!! In honor of this and to practice skills, DD was presented with the Dr. Seuss classic:

hop on pop

There was also a CD to read along with the book and a flash cards of practice words. We shall put those to good use. DD was excited to bring everything home.


CandyandLadybugs said...

I'm so glad DD loved the party. We're going to miss her during the last month of school. I hope she learns to read her book, and stays very excited about it. DD will be in my prayers, and as always in my heart.

heather said...

Can we come visit you and DD at the hospital? We leave out of town on Sunday but would love to come see you before then--Fri. or Sat. Let me know. Please remember that you are in my prayers and thoughts! Sending lots of loves and hugs your way!

mum2brady said...

Oh how fun!!! What a wonderful class DD has!!! Loved the pics and congrats on DD in her reading - yayyyyy!!!!