Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Latest School Meeting

I went to a mtg with the District, principal, Resource Head, kindergarten teacher, speech therapist, teacher consultant, school psychologist and two others whose names and positions I can not remember. Add Mr. Wonderful to the mix and it made for one crowded conference room. DD joined us after school was out, quietly ate a snack I brought, and then colored on any blank paper she could get her hands on.

The meeting started out with an apology to me for the way communication was handled during the past two months. There will be extensive communication guidelines written into the next IEP. Then the findings of the behavior study were presented. We were given a schedule of her day and how she acts to certain study blocks where she is mainstreamed in class activities or taken out for special services. A plan was presented to add to her IEP next week.

I have to say that this is the first meeting I've had with the district where I felt like I was heard and that my knowledge was valuable. Everyone was amicable. I brought up certain concerns on her behavior that were addressed. When the behavior study was finished, we continued on to her upcoming surgery and how to best help DD. The speech therapist will be working on helping DD vocalize feelings with a goal towards helping her understand how to communicate pain as well as feeling during school.

The school psychologist discussed ways to prepare DD and our three boys for DD's surgery. I am particularly concerned about DS#3 as he is so sensitive to family vibes.

It was made clear at the end of the meeting that we would not be getting DD's original aide back. I've given up that fight. I can hear my mom in my head telling me "Pick your battles. Is this one worth it or is there something more important to you?" I love how her wisdom sticks around for when I need it most. DD's IEP was scheduled for next week. I need to make goals for that meeting. Along with the typical academic, behavior and independence goals, I have asked for goals in safety and a emergency plan layout if (heaven forbid) she ever runs away. In the meantime, I am looking into identification bracelets.

And just so I can focus on what all this is about:


Spice Girl said...

I'm cheering for you!

Matthew said...

People are responsive when you are firm, yet polite. Way to go, big sis ...

Haley said...

I'm glad you're feeling better about the situation.

mum2brady said...

How cute is that girl of yours ;) I'm sorry you aren't getting your great aide back, that bites :( But, your mom is right - gotta pick your battles and I'm sure there will be more (just cause our lives can't run too smoothly or we'll get complacent or proud or something ;) Sounds like it was a good meeting and I hope that your IEP goes well too!

See - moving was good - you'd never get to make up your own IEP goals here :) I'm so happy for you all and pray that DD's surgery goes well and that you're home lickity split and back with your boys.

Sending you lots of love :)