Thursday, March 27, 2008

Lunch With Grandma Great
We're in Utah during Spring Break. I had to visit the tax man, take insurance info to the hospital, and hopefully visit family. Today I picked up my Grandma for a visit. I took her to see our newest family member born this morning. (Sorry, can't post those pics. I need to let my brother do it first.) Then off to my in-loves for lunch.

My kids love their Grandma S. It was so sweet to watch them with her today. The two older boys were so solicitous in making sure that she held their arm as she walked. DS #3 and DD just spread the love.

After lunch we went to look at the flowers surrounding the Temple. Unfortunately it had snowed this morning so the flowers were covered. A quick trip to my twin sis made up for the missing flowers. She is so darling with Grandma S. They talked for a bit and then her two youngest monopolized Grandma for a bit. Grandma was tired and ready to go back to her place after 2 1/2 hours with us.
I hope I am building memories for my kids.

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Anna said...

we went and saw grandma on Sunday and she was talking to us about your DD. She couldn't believe how big she'd gotten.