Sunday, March 09, 2008

Oh, To be Martha....

Anna has a blog about Martha Stewart and her crafts. I LOLed as it reminded me of an episode where Martha taught how one must organize their laundry room. She used her own rather large and perfectly decorated laundry room at Turkey Hill (her estate at the time) as an example. Martha waxed eloquent about how wonderful and easy it made her life to have a laundry room with everything in its place.

The next day I read a newspaper article about an interview with Ms. Stewart. She told the reporter that she had SIX PEOPLE working as her laundry room staff at Turkey Hill. (This does not include the staff for housekeeping, cooking, landscape, or farm workers.)

Oh yes, my life would be so much easier if I had a laundry staff of six people, too.

Do you think they appreciated her organizing the laundry room for them?

(I'll post my Sunday Gratitudes after church. I just had to comment on this. I am still LOL! Thanks, Anna.)

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Soozcat said...

I have to admit I've always found this aspect of Martha particularly amusing. If all my houses (plural! hee!) were fully staffed, I might also have time to put together all the obsessive grace notes she does. I don't think many people recognize that Martha Stewart's full time job is being Martha Stewart, not being a mom, breadwinner, chief cook and bottle washer as so many American women are. Nobody should feel compelled to keep up with Martha (or anybody else, for that matter).